Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The Crystal Point of the Mog Pogs by Don Cambou

Author: Don Cambou
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services 
Pages: 395 KB/145p. 
Genre: YA/Children's/Action & Adventure 
Source: Purchased for Kindle 
Reviewed by: Lyuba

4 out of 5

Description from Amazon: 
Move over Harry and Percy, there’s a new kid in town. Or, more precisely, out of town. He’s eleven year old Meriwether Lewis Bowman, but he’d prefer it if you just call him Lew. He lives with his parents in the volcanic wilds of the Mt. Lassen area of northern California. With his Grandpa, who’s six feet five and looks like an NFL linebacker, Lew finds that the wilds are much wilder than he could ever have imagined. It’s a place where legendary beings like were bears and chupacabras do exist and they’re struggling for control of the natural world. Lew didn’t want any part of their ancient fight, but now he’s at the very center of it. His got only his wits, his best friends, the “Gift”, and the MOG POGs to help him battle some of the most powerful forces on earth. But then, it’s like his Grandpa says, “Life is full of surprises, and they aren’t all good. Sometimes you just have to make the best of things.”
This is the first novel by Don Cambou, who for a dozen years Executive Produced “Modern Marvels” for the History Channel. It's also the first novel of The MOG POG Saga. Cambou has turned his talent from nonfiction to this work of rich fantasy. Although it’s written for Middle Grade readers, few lovers of the genre will be able to resist the action packed, page turning, nail biting, ecological adventure he has created.


Oh I HAD to read this book, because in the description it mentioned my favorite Percy Jackson, and I wanted to see for myself if the book lives up to its (bold) claims. Well, it almost does! While there were few parts that made me question things, overall it was a great book and I was not disappointed!

The things I didn't like were relatively minor, and could be fixed with just some thinking into the world building (like REALLY no one noticed any bears partying it up? How no one noticed anything?! What about all the other evil things?! There are a lot more people that could potentially notice and question things). I also thought some scenes at the end were not necessary for a series, but would have been perfect if it was just a stand alone book.

Now the things I liked were pretty much everything else (except what's mentioned above). Lew was fun, and not perfect, and I could see him overcome his fears and kick some major butt! I really liked his voice, which was witty but not overly annoying at all(I'm looking at you, [book:Skulduggery Pleasant|284440])! I liked how kids still had to rely on adults, yet adults didn't treat kids like you-don't-know-anything-because-you're-a-kid way.

The story was great, and I enjoyed the environmental message, although it didn't feel like there was a bigger story going on (sorry, but if you have to mention Percy Jackson in the blurb, I WILL compare it to Percy Jackson books). I really do feel like it could be a stand alone book, but since it's not, I'm looking forward to the next one!

Recommended For: 
Anyone wanting to read a book with a larger message and a great action & adventure story.

~ Lyuba

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